Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Worry, the Rant is Only at the Beginning of This Post

So, it's Canada Day and I want you guys to know something about me. I hate plastic. I believe that plastic is going to take us all down. Right now I am typing away on a big piece of plastic. As far as I know there is no affordable non-plastic substitute for this, however that is no excuse not to limit plastic purchases consumption as much as possible, otherwise we may not have many more Canada Days because we will have no Canada or (more likely) we won't be here to enjoy it when over time it rights itself from the results of our pollution and is beautiful and clean again.

Here in Canada you are charged five cents per plastic bag at the stores. This is supposed to encourage people to bring their own reusable bags. It works, not because people are cheap, but because every time you purchase something, the cashier asks you "do you need any bags?" and it reminds you that you should NOT need any bags because every store has their version of the reusable bag available for a very low price so even if you forgot yours, you can buy another reusable bag.

Problem with these bags - most are made of - you guessed it! Plastic. And while you just might use this bag hundreds of times it was still made of plastic and in the making of plastic lots of pollution takes place. See this article for more details, and see here for my last rant about reusable bags.

Anyway, the reason I am telling/reminding you about this little "thing" of mine is I intend to pay more attention to my plastic consumption, convinced that they only way to deal with plastic is to intentionally NOT purchase it (when possible) to cut down on the production of this deadly material. In doing so, I will post ways I have discovered to do this - alternatives including brand names. Don't worry, this won't take away from the daily accounts of our exciting life. And besides, I'll do anything to avoid finishing that book...

Now onto Canada Day Activities with Donkey Dave and Princess Stupidhead!! We spent the afternoon at our local beach, which was filled with people, dogs, dugs and swans. Oh and....

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