Monday, July 13, 2009

Saving The Environment By Making More Reusuable Plastic Stuff

Today I am going to do what I do best. I am going to state the obvious.

Large plastic bags made stronger to be reusable - even though no one remembers to take them along with them to the supermarket and we just keep buying more - are just as much of an threat to the environment as those thinner plastic bags that used to be free and most people reused them for things like disposing kitty litter in, but now they cost two cents a piece and are so thin that you won't even make it home without them tearing so there goes the kitty little disposal idea now doesn't it?

If you're like me and I'm sure you are and just afraid to admit it because of that wanted poster at the post office and all, you'll have to admit that you too have 1038 reusable tote bags in your "storage place" - you know, the place you used to use to store things like your car? only now you have to use that place - what was it that they used to call those? Garages? Yes, garages! for bags because you are very environmentally conscious and wouldn't hear of throwing any of these perfectly good reusable bags away even though you know full well it would take you at least three years of regular shopping for you to use all these bags even twice and you never would because you never remember to bring them to the store with you anyway.

Seriously, I just don't understand how this is going to save the planet, any more than hugging an evergreen will. In fact the latter might be a better bet - what with the power of love and all. Anyway, we all have these bags and we need to find a use for them because we are all suppose to find multiple uses for things now. In fact I've created a whole line of fashion dolls out of materials such as used Glad wrap and old egg crates - that particular doll is called Sexy and Sustainable complete with See Thru Dress and reusable tote/purse. So I'm curious to hear about the unique ways in which you "reuse" your reusable bags, you know when you're not forgetting to reuse them for toting food and all.

To start things off I will now offer my favorite use for the Reusable Earth Saving Tote (REST). It's called the Stealth Wine Bottle Recycling Caddy. A very handy way for those of us who love the Planet but like to drink a little to dispose of our bottles in the environmentally approved way without everyone in the building finding out how much of a cheap and most likely embarrassing (yet judging from the wine, cultured and in possession of impeccable taste) drunks we are. This bag is cleverly dyed black (only vegetable dyes are used) so that no telltale dark purple stains will be visible to those who might ride the elevator with you and have nothing better to do but check out what you're wearing and carrying. This REST is deep and expands to hold many many bottles. Once carried, it will not make that clinky clinky sound associated with households who undergo regular interventions, and as long as you don't put the bag down and/or pick it up when in mixed company your secret will be safe. And best of all, you will stop global warming and the threat of nuclear attack! Maybe. I'm pretty sure.

Want to share your REuse for the REST? Feel free to email me pictures or diagrams of your innovative use of the REST, including a written description of your idea and also how many whales and baby seals your product has saved.

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  1. You know what's awesome? When you DO remember your reusable bag and you say "I don't need a bag. I can put it in HERE!" and the bagger, looking at you balefully, takes your stuff out of the bag and THROWS AWAY THE BAG YOU SAVED.


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