Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Post in Which I Share Pics of My Hands and Feet

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm making beets. You have to be very careful when preparing beets because remember - they used to (and some still do) use beets to dye clothes.

Author's note: I'm sorry about the big man-hands. I blame my grandmother and my daughter blames me, but then my daughter's list is pretty long so it's no wonder big hands is included in Things She Has To Thank Me For. And also - check out those wrist wrinkles. I believe she might have that to look forward to too!!!

Today I took the car. We have a GPS now so I'm a little braver. I shouldn't be however, because our GPS, like all of them lately, is a stupid whore. Two minutes after she said I should take the first legal U Turn possible, (I ignored her) she told me my destination was the next right. I think she just wanted a little more time with me. GPS's must get lonely in the glove compartment.

ANYWAY, back to my trip across town. I went to The Big Carrot. That's the name of the local natural food store. Like I always say, I love me a big carrot. Ok, I've never quite said it THAT way, but you know - I've said it. And of course, Dave has the biggest carrot in the world, don't you honey. PS? I bought a little something at the Gifts from the Earth Store. :)

The trouble with the Big Carrot is they have a little offshoot section that has books and candles and stuff and I always go in there and well, next thing you know I'm turning tricks begging on the street. No, today I was quite strict with myself. I reminded myself that I was there for organic dried beans. I reminded myself of that as I bought the bright red insulated tote bag with the BIG orange carrot on it. I reminded myself again as I bought the cloth produce bags. (see helpful hint sticky) But both of these things are saving the planet - well, not the PLANET, but more the people on the planet because as you may or may not know by now I don't believe the planet will be destroyed by people. I think people will destroy themselves leaving the planet to eventually recover from our abuse. Anyway, I'm trying to save humans and that includes you. You're welcome.

Today while reading a bit of an enormous book that claims everything everyone has ever written about food and diets and nutrition is wrong except the author of this book, I discovered that you should soak your whole wheat grains before cooking them. Apparently it's much much better for your digestion. Apparently people used to always do this, just like most people soak dried beans - and for some reason - that made sense to me because you know, beans and digestion. So I saved myself $20 by just reading a little bit of the book and putting the book back on the shelf, figuring that just because she may be right about that whole grain thing that it doesn't mean she's going to be right about anything else, so why take the chance. I'm already smarter and healthier and not a dime poorer for my 5 minute read.

And finally - I had a pedicure five weeks ago. Check it out. Again, this is the same pedicure I got before my trip to PA and NY from the POA Studio on Church Street (for the Toronto people who like great pedicures.) Five weeks, people, and not a chip. Costs a little more than the average pedi, but just goes to show you, you get what you pay for. Except when you buy large books about diets.


  1. Your second toe is sorta manly too. Kinda goes with the hands, so you've got that going for ya.

  2. I'm just teasing about your "manly" toes. ;)

  3. Lin - I come from hardy stock. what can I say. After 2012 my kind will be highly desirable, post apocalyptic porn will feature gals with large feet and hands, albeit most of them will be sporting extra fingers and toes....


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