Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Twas the Day Before Canada Day And Everyone was Drunk

Tomorrow is Canada Day. Since I am still a newbie here I looked up the origins because that is what the Internet was once used for, a long, long time ago before Facebook and Twitter. Back then the Internet was used for more educational pursuits. In the spirit of that long ago quest for smartness, I give to you the results of my search so that you can act all smartypants on Facebook tomorrow and amaze your FB "friends" - the ones you haven't talked to since 9th grade. Ok, here we go. Pay attention.

Canada Day

Canada Day marks the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867, the beginning of a united country. From its earliest settlements by Native Americans, through French and English settlements and wars, Canada was a divided land. Some territories had banded together before 1867, but Confederation was the first large step toward total unity, from sea to sea. Canada is today a very large country, with a very large population and a very large economy.

Now for my personal experience with The Day Before Canada Day. Going out to the store today can only be compared to the Day Before Thanksgiving in the US. It took me over an hour to go down the street (in the car) approximately 1 mile, shop for approximately 15 minutes and come home. Most of the time was spent in line at the LCBO. Non-Canadians this is important. LCBO stand for Liquor Control Board of Ontario. You know, like the "packy" in Massachusetts - the booze store.

Yes, my friends, people here take their booze seriously and they darn well know that the store is closed tomorrow for Canada Day. I don't know why it's closed on Canada Day because what is Canada without booze? Think Bob and Doug MacKenzie and the Beer song. Booze is Canadian. It's right up there with maple leaves and moose.

In other news, I was very disappointed today with my trip to the mall. As you may or may not know, I don't really like malls, but I go when I am 100% sure I can find what I want there. Turns out, not so much today.

I want a pair of Minnetonka moccasins like these and I didn't find them. I did, however find websites that will ship them to me here - no more buying directly from the company

In other news I printed out what I have so far of book number 2 and read it over so I don't forget what I already wrote and start repeating myself or call the characters by the wrong names. This is progress people. Soon I will write a word or maybe even two.

Update: I could NOT manage to get these moccasins sent to Canada, however I found the most awesome store in the entire world - seriously it's moccasin heaven - and it's called Getoutside (Queen West for you Toronto people who don't know about this, but I can't imagine who besides me did not know about this awesome store.) Anyway, I changed my mind about the style a bit but I did score the most incredible pair of Minnetonka Mocs ON SALE . Bonus.