Sunday, February 8, 2015

When You Just Can't Talk About The Weather Anymore, You Have Nothing Left to Do But Makeup Stories About Savant Cats, Right?

 This is my woodpile.  Remember that lovely neatly stacked snow pile that I was so proud of that I actually took  a photo of it and posted it on this blog (LINK) ?  Remember how proud I was of that snowpile because last year's snowpile was so horrible and so obviously amateur and maybe even sinister? 

Do you remember when I was so despondent that I actually believed that Daryl Hannah  was the only person who could make fire?  STORY HERE.

Yeah, so thanks Mother Nature.  Way to take me down a notch.

Now you very savvy observers out there may have noticed something interesting in this photo of my woodpile. If not, take a moment and have another look.

OK. Ready?

This is my neighbor's cat. 
You may know my neighbor from her from her blog The Palace At 5AM.

Looks innocent enough, right?

Ok, now here's the interesting part, 
like alien relic interesting
or bigfoot sighting interesting
 loch ness monster proof interesting
or maybe even vaginal steaming interesting.
 Yeah,  maybe not that interesting, but when you've had 7 days of snow you'll get excited about anything.

This is the strange face-like image found in my buried woodpile
that Dave and some guys from the pub 
the people from the Smithsonian have seen and officially
validated its authenticity

Do you see the likeness?  Yes, it's unmistakeable, isn't it? and amazing.  
I mean, most cats would have just pissed on it. 


  1. I hope you sent documentation/photos to The Smithsonian. They like to run articles on cats.

    1. Oh, yes, of course. I am just waiting for the release form from my neighbor. Thanks for the reminder though. I'm getting older and more forgetful every day.


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