Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Is One Nutty Woodpile.

This item was found at the same site where the strangely familiar image of a cat was also found.  Yes, this is a roll of toilet paper, a mostly used roll of toilet paper and it was on top of my snow pile/ buried wood pile today.

Could it be pirate treasure?  No.  An ancient artifact belonging to a lost race of Giants?  I don't think so.  Maybe Shannon the Avant-garde artist-cat has begun to use recycled objects in her artistic creations?  Possibly.   More than likely, though, this is evidence of the thought -to-be-mythical creature referred to as "Outdoor Pissing Woman." or as the native people refer to her  "She Who Pees on Shrubbery."

I have long suspected that "She Who Pees on Shrubbery" a very familiar legend in these parts, by the way, is somehow related to "Those Who Fuck On Bushes,"a couple also made popular in local native folklore, SEE FULL STORY HERE but all similarities could be coincidental of course. It is completely possible that the only things that these legendary beings have in common is their sudden and uncontrollable need to engage in usually very private acts that require the removal of at least some clothing, and that these acts often happen after dark, and in a yard that doesn't belong to them.  Otherwise they could just be random acts of disgusting behavior that take place of other people's property, and nothing more. Because that's enough, really.  Don't you think? I mean, c',mon people, we have nothing but wooded places and deserted beaches for that kind of crap.  Or how about your own house. or trailer, whatever.  I'm not one to judge.  But seriously, these people need to stay the fuck out of my neighborhood.


  1. Seriously, I think they should stay out of your neighborhood - too! And the opening at the photo bottom - is that the drainage pipe? (Inquiring minds)

  2. Maybe!! OMG! Good eye!! Or is it a GIANT FOOTPRINT????? Maybe a portal that spirits enter and exit from???????????????

  3. Hard to say. Also, it looks like that tp is packing. Scary.


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