Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Drunk History

One morning,  this was written on my blackboard.

The night before I might have had a little wine.

The next morning, after a little COMPLETELY NORMAL early morning confusion, I decided that this cryptic note was likely written by me. I came to this conclusion simply by process of elimination. (Dave refuses to write when drunk and Shanny prefers to use the reminder program on her iPhone.)  And yet, the writing didn't really look like mine.  It was obviously a little, how shall I say....... unstable, something like what my drunk writing might look like.....ok... does look like. Ok, ok,  I had a little wine!  Jeez.

I had to think for a moment, and then remembered that Christine told me about this funny website, called Drunk History.  Being sober enough when she told me to know that I would never remember this shit the next morning, I wrote it on the haunted blackboard ,  I figured that the ghosts who possess this blackboard wouldn't mind at all as they always seem to like people who drink (think The Shining) and besides,  I have mentioned these ghosts in a blog post at least twice, and one time I even linked to a blog entry about this haunted blackboard on a comment I left on The Bloggess.  So, yeah. Shut up disembodied bitches.  Where else are you going to get exposure  like this?  It's not like you possessed Linda Blair.  It's a blackboard, for god's sake,a blackboard,  don't forget,  that used to be really really ugly bad art.

Ok, here's the kind of awesome part that I realized later, after a lot of coffee.   The words Drunk History were written on my blackboard, and are now a part of my drunk history.  HA !!!!!  HA!!!!!!!!   HA!!!!!!

Ok. Whatever.

Shut up.


  1. You know how many times I've had to figure out what the hell I was on about the night before!!! Maybe I should teach Shanny short hand???? Although on second thought she tends to "avoid" mummy when she's drinking the "red juice" (coward).

    1. Well, replace her with a blackboard!!! That'll fix her. I'll look around and see if I have any really ugly paintings you can paint black.


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