Friday, February 21, 2014

Throwback I Forgot Friday

Yes, I am a day behind, as time stands still when you have no schedule. Anyway, better late than never, they say, and thank god someone said that really, otherwise, well....who knows what would have happened.  We'd probably all give up after missing deadline after deadline and, then we just wouldn't bother with anything anymore.  We'd sit in a chair forever, eventually turning to a pile of dust that gets swept away accidentally when someone opens the window.  And that would be sad.  So instead, I'm just putting on my bad ass hat on and saying (boldly)  "Hey, I don't care if I'm late!  It's better to be posting a Throwback Thursday pic on a Friday than sitting around allowing myself to turn to dust. "

There it is  - officially date- stamped Nov. '66.  That's me on the right with my bestest friend Barbara.  We were The Queens of the Dorks and didn't even bother to wear tiaras, you know, because everyone knew damned well who ruled this world, simply by looking at us and besides, my mom wouldn't take hers off long enough to let me borrow it. 
Forgot Throwback Thursday?  Feel free to blatantly copy me and post your "I Forgot Friday" post instead.  Don't forget to link to it in the comment section!


  1. Royalty in the those coats and curls (I just figured your tiara was under wraps. And I'm thinking about having a "I Drink to Forget, Friday", after my Thursday! Hope your weekend ROCKS!

  2. I love Throwback Thursdays!!!!!


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