Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Normal Tuesday

Trust me, a normal Tuesday is a GOOD Tuesday.

We're back home, back to "normal" and so is the city. It's a typical summer day in Toronto and I'm not sure what one should fear more , a flaming riot torched police car or a bus load of kids on a field trip to the market. Both involve screaming and a bit of mayhem, crowds of rather unruly individuals and both seem to be making a whole lot of something out of a whole lot of nothing. It's just the market, guys. Relax. Kids on a field trip always act like animals freed from a cage, so you gotta wonder what goes on in those schools. Most likely gags, handcuffs, whippings and sensory depravation.

Anyway, I successfully purchased enough organic vegetables to make Ed Bagley Jr. cry for mercy, including fresh organic beets. I'm kind of new to some of these vegetables, but with the help of the internet and Farmer George at the Saturday farmers market (I like to call him Farmer Ted because I am a fan of Sixteen Candles) but his real name is George and he's a real farmer and he loves it. I buy his vegetables whenever I can because I feel they were grown with love, and hence, some of the love energy has to still be in them and so when I eat them I also get a side of love...and that can't be bad. ...wait a minute. Where was I?

Oh, with the help of George and the internet I am learning what each crazy green thing is and how to make it. For instance today I found out that you can eat the beet greens, not just the beets. They are supposed to be somewhat sweet and so they are good on salads and sauteed in a stir fry or side dish. I will give this a try and report back unless I am the only one in the world who did not know about beet greens and you guys don't need any more information on them. In that case, I will promptly feel stupid and shut up about beets and all other vegetables, organic or not.

In other news I sent my granddaughter an email (she's ten going on eleven) and attached the picture of my garden. She liked it and said "if I ever live in the city I will do that!

I'm not sure why she chose the sunglass smiley for that statement maybe because one wears sunglasses in the garden? But it's nice to know that she will copy my indoor urban garden if she ever lives in the city. Makes me feel a tiny bit immortal.


  1. I read about those riots! I know first hand how scary riots can be. Aside from that, I have heard from people that have been there, your city is very lovely in the summer.

  2. It's a fantastic city! The riots are a very unusual occurrence - we weren't here because we got the hell out when we heard about the G20 conference :) Luckily it seems everything's back to normal!


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