Monday, June 28, 2010

The Garden

As much as I love my condo and downtown living, I do have to admit, I miss the earth. You know, green stuff. Grass, plants, flowers, dirt, birds, the occasional bug, etc.

At our condo we do not have a balcony (which is a good thing since we're on the third floor.) We do have a rooftop, complete with bbq grill and some large plants and chairs etc, but it's still, well, concrete.

Interestingly enough, when this place was designed in the early 90's the front rooms of some of the condos were "solariums." Remember the solarium phase?? Our condo was one of those - except we had the solarium floor and sliding glass doors removed to increase our living room space. Still the whole wall is windows and so I decided that I was going to have a garden where I'm sure one was before, although I doubt it looked like this.

This is the garden I created complete with bird bath and stones, buddhas and fairies and gnomes, a water fountain and oh yeah, plants. We put two chairs facing it. We sit "in the garden" a lot - we have coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening.

On our weekend getaway we scored a couple of new pieces, of the fairy and the gargoyle variety.


  1. I like your garden! Add some dried moss to place around the planters and you will get a really "green" feel. It was a trick I learned from a florist.

  2. Lin, fantastic idea !! I will do that!


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