Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Getaway Day Two

In Toronto, things are heating up. Many parts of the city are in lock down.

Here in Kingston, things are a bit more calm. It was a Mandatory Vacation Rain Day. But early in the morning before it rained we got up and out and had breakfast at Morrison's Restaurant, (not to be confused with Morrison hotel) before going to the farmers market. The restaurant was totally retro, right down to the waitresses. The service was FAST, so we had just enough time to hit the booths before the rain started.

Then it was time for museums, because that's what you do when it rains and you are on vacation or as they say here in Canada, "holiday."

This is the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes. Not many pictures because we had to leave the ship because IT WAS RAINING. I have no idea how this museum makes any money. For tourists, rainy days = museums. These nutty Canadians. I didn't even have a chance to wear a captains hat or be captured by pirates. What the hell? We were given passes that we can use on another, more sunny dry day.

Next we darted off to the Penitentiary Museum. Prisons are bad, people. Remember, just say no. Those guys in Toronto who were arrested recently and were outraged because they weren't offered a "vegan" option for dinner should absolutely see this museum.

This is Dave, trying to look "bad."


  1. Oooh, Dave is looking scary there! He's lucky they didn't lock him up based on his looks alone. I think we should go back to the old prisons--maybe they wouldn't be as crowded. You know--something to fear.

  2. Lin - he is TOTALLY bad. Bad, bad you know it!! Actually he was almost arrested but I lifted my shirt and they let him go. I only have a couple more years available to use that trick so I'll have to develop another tactic.


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