Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getaway- Day One

We are in Kingston, Ontario - about 130 miles from Toronto, which is about how many miles away from Toronto we need to be right now. We started out right on time, no thanks to someone who didn't understand what "I won't be here on Friday" means and needed Dave to do a little something work related before we left. " Somethings" are always little, ever notice that? Anyway, the point is, we left and now we are here.

Started the day off right with a little snack by the water, followed by more snacks later. We are good at snacking. Walked around, looking at shops and really really old houses and planned where we were going to eat dinner, a place called Chez Piggy. Yum. Oink. Hung out with the locals at the Prince George hotel later and that was that.

Walking "home" to our lodgings (Hochelaga Inn) we collided with the "Haunted Tour of Kingston," and were invited to stop and listen to the ghost stories of our hotel, which included crying children and scary visits to the basement resulting in swollen faces. You got to give to the ghosts - sometimes they are extremely creative. I wonder if there are awards in the Afterlife, you know, like the Oscars. Best Creepy Special Effects goes to Albert Madison for his bloated face and bloody eyeball technique. Oh, wouldn't the best and worst dressed list would be so interesting? And let's face it Joan Rivers would still be the judge, cuz I'm pretty sure she died 10 years ago and some Hollywood Plastic Surgeon/embalming specialist has been preserving her ever since.

This morning we are still detoxing from The Life, both of us getting extremely overly upset with tech devices up to and including death treats directed at said items, deaths in ways no one has imagined in hundreds of years, you know, before execution became detached and impersonal. On that note, we are going to the Prison Museum today!!!!!

Pics and stories to come but I have to do something about my blood sugar which will indeed include eggs.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto.....


  1. here you are! i'm a little slow on the uptake - took me a moment to realize who princess stupidhead was...!


    oh, and hi!


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