Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going Mobile

Remember when I went on and on about how wonderful life was without a car, and how wonderful zipcars are? Remember how cool I seemed then, all urbany and greeny and all?

Yeah. Well. Nevermind.

It's not that zip cars aren't wonderful. For some people I bet they are! But when we decided to get rid of our car we agreed that we would keep careful tabs on our transportation expenses, including zip cars, public transit and cabs. We also pledged to use all these modes of transportations without a thought, just like we would if we owned a car. So we did and we have somehow managed to spend more on these often inconvenient forms of transit than we did on car expenses.

And ZipCars, while nice, are not good for "go with the flow" trips. There's not a whole lot of room for changing your mind or your plans because you have scheduled your date with the ZipCar ahead of time and you can't always change your mind without being fined. Hence, you become somewhat slave to the rented vehicle.

So, taking advantage of the absolutely still horrible economy, we found a great deal on a ever so slightly used "luxury" vehicle which despite it's impressive family lineage, looks a lot like Toyota Prius meets SUV.

Dave loves the car, with it's whole turbopower thingy and I have to admit, it has a kick ass sun roof, but I was still hesitant until Dave successfully sold me using the "weekend antiquing" scenario in which we have PLENTY of room in this car to bring home things we couldn't bring home before. I envisioned lots of distressed looking oldy furniture and bowls, vessels of all kinds. Lots and lots of bowls and maybe some really old baskets and God knows what else, because afterall we have room in the car now.

Yes,it's true, I caved after Dave's suggestion and resulting reverie and embraced the idea of our new, yet rather homely baby.

Besides, when a man doesn't own a car, something inside him dies. Just as when a woman doesn't have enough old bowls and baskets, something withers inside her and next thing you know you smell something funny.

Tonight we will celebrate with pizza.

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  1. Mmmmmm, vessels. And pizza.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


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