Monday, March 1, 2010

Shen - Lost. Gold Medal - Won.

See, the great thing about this hockey game was that I just couldn't lose. Either way, US or Canada, I was on the winning team.

But, I live here now and really, also - what has the US hockey team ever done for me? So, truth be told I was pulling for the Canadians.

It was totally wild downtown TO last night after the game. That's the nice thing about living in the city. The whole lively-ness.

Inside, the house however, things were a little less of the "live" variety. Our lights have been flashing on and off and a shelf fell off the wall for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. But I figure, as long as these visitors keep the place occupied enough to keep the Facebookocity people away, I'm happy. It's really a lot easier to entertain a ghost - they do keep odd hours but they don't require a lot of attention and they don't bring their own iPods.

The shen have not returned yet, but we (dave and I) are trying to be careful not to let me perform certain activities/wear certain things/be around speak of/ certain people/subjects. They are (so far) (in no apparent order)

1. doing anything on my PC (Mac - ok, PC - not ok)

2. Peeling hard boiled eggs

3. Conversations about certain unnamed individuals

4. wearing clothes other than strechy things in layers. especially clothing that "touch me" too much .

5. People who touch me too much or at all, depending how long I have known them.

6. Listening to repetitive music, or anything REM or Bruce Springsteen or written by one of the individuals I am not allowed to currently talk about (see item 3)

7. Conversations which involve talk of old people having sex. (old here is defined by "over 35" and people defined by "other Donkey Dave and Princess Stupidhead)

Other than that I can do pretty much anything without risk of hurting myself and others.

Had a great dinner party Saturday night - two couples - no drink limit and because of that spontaneous song writing/ singing and piano playing happened. Drinks were spilled a little but thanks to Spot Shot nothing was permanently stained and a good time was had by all.

Weekend reports are welcomed.

Carry on.

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