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Friday, March 5, 2010

I Probably Should Have Kept Sparing You From My Lame Posts

You hear a lot about starting over these days.

Wait. Let me start again.

It's become fashionable to start over, as in do everything in your life again, only differently.

The different part would be your choices, which would lead to different people and places and jobs entering your life. Funny, though, most of the time you can't get away from the person that got you in this whole mess in the first place. You.

And that's unfortunate, as I am and always have been, a fan of the zip off skin.

For those in the cheap seats, I will explain this concept yet again. I would like nothing more than to have skin that simply zipped off and could be dry cleaned once in a while, then hung in the closet. Meanwhile, I would have lots of extra skins, all cleaned and pressed and ready to go whenever I was sick of whatever skin I was wearing. This would most likely solve all the difficulties in the world. I'm pretty sure.

At the very least it would solve my personal problem which involves wanting to crawl out of my skin sometimes. At these times, it would be very handy to have a backup skin, something that felt just a little different, on hand, conveniently right in my closet.

Now wait, before you protest and suggest that you don't have enough closet space as it is - hear me out. You wouldn't end up with skins taking over your closet because you never grow out of your skin!! and there's not too much in the way of style changes one can attempt with skin. I mean, skin isn't all that different. Oh sure, there's the color thing for sure, sometimes you'd feel like trying on a little porcelain white and sometimes you want to go chocolate brown. Perhaps there would be times when you felt a little daring, and for those times may I suggest a tattooed skin? Maybe you're a fan of the freckled skin? That's doable. But whatever. That's about as crazy as skin gets. It's kind of limited. So don't worry.

Eventually you'd have enough skins.


Designers jumped on the skin bandwagon. They'd probably start making skins with all kinds of patterns. Plaid skins, Crocodile skins, Polkadot Skins, Tie Dye Skins, Poodle skins, Herringbone skins, Flannel skins, Faux fur skins. Come to think of it, I might dig a leopard skin once in a while. Some skins would not only have zippers, but maybe belts. Snaps. Great big buttons. Maybe some skins would come with tails! I sure hope that I can loose a few pounds so I don't have to resort to vertical striped skin. I've never been a fan. I think maybe shoulder pads would make the print skins a bit more figure flattering. Do you think you can wear a black dress over a plaid skin?

Anyway. This obviously wouldn't work out quite the way I planned. So even though I have a brandy-new-and-totally-improved life, I'm stuck with my same ole skin.

I am on the mole-less side, though, so that's one good thing.

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  1. See, cuzz then you'd be walking down the street and see someone and say to your friend, "wow, she's got a great skin." Then as she walks by you'd see her skin (maybe near her ankle or high up on the under side of her skin) is branded with the designer's name like a hoodie with Abercrombie tattooed across the front of it only On. Her. Skin. And imagine if you were having a tight month and all you could get was that one on sale at Kmart so then you're walking down the street with Kmart branded across your thigh or something. Ewww

    Oh, but I like the concept...I just think it's one of those things you gotta keep on the down low.



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