Friday, February 5, 2010

Wrap it Up!!

Here's a recap of my week for those of you with a tight schedule.

Monday - Fell prey to "Facebook Travel Planning" and agreed to take the hint hint a old friend of Dave's left about coming into town for the clown convention and needing a place to stay hint hint. So tonight we are hosting the first and hopefully the last Facebook Slumber Party. It's not really the clown convention he's going to but I kind of wish it were because the real theme of the convention is actually, if you can believe it, even more disturbing and uninteresting to me than clowns. Besides, clowns can be funny when they're drunk, so we'll see.

And also on Monday I discovered, after receiving some tweets from Susan that Twitter Traveling is also fast becoming the latest option in bargain travel.

Tuesday - I got my first official hobo name - JJ the Northern Traveler and like any self respecting hobo , I sat all of you down in the boxcar, handed you the bottle and made you listen to the story of my life, which included some pretty awesome memories about the trip across the US in which I saw all kinds of historic sites all from the comfort of the passenger seat of the car. Course that was before I was the Northern Traveler and way before I was cool.

You know, I forgot to mention that during that trip we (first husband and yours truly) camped (yes, nothing says honeymoon like camping in a tent) by one of the great lakes and a storm breezed through almost taking the tent (with me in it) into the depths of the lake which, in hindsight, might have been natures way of offering me an escape from my then present and (as it turns out ) future misery.

Wednesday- Got way too excited about how great Canadian television is after witnessing a guest on Canada AM burst into a personalized version of "Danny Boy." I went on and on about how that would never happen in the US and how great Canada was and how much I love live television and I included in my blog entry a link to the video of this guy singing the song which was proudly posted on the Canada AM site, but then suddenly it was taken down and I lost all faith in Canadian television. But then I got over 100 hits on this blog because if you Googled man singing Danny Boy on Canada AM, my blog was listed second after the Canada AM website. So I learned that it was probably a good idea to count to three before spitting out a blog entry or proclaiming love for television, country and possibly God but that waiting three seconds might have landed me the 39305205 spot on Google rather than the number two and so once again nothing bad comes from a little enthusiasm.

Thursday - Dave and I decided that our philosophy will be, simply put, apathy. Faithfully and regularly we promised to practice our new belief system and also stay away from emails that are on the list sponsored by our condo management/board/owners because it was taking all our joy away. Not to mention it was sort of to blame for Dave doing the stupidest thing he ever did, which involved hitting the Reply to All button (created by Satan, all rights reserved) and signing the email Donkey Dave.

I let him in on my secret method of taking the stupid out of mistakes (copyright 1958) which is, of course, telling everyone who will listen about said mistake (letting the story grow naturally wild and totally fictitious) and so I blogged about it because I have no visible friends to tell and he told all his in the flesh friends and now I'm posting it again because maybe there are some invisible friends out there who missed it the first time.

AND!!! Got an email from someone at CTV who told me that the video of That Guy Singing Danny Boy was back up on their site and my faith in slightly under produced television was once more restored.

And so I quickly told everyone before someone higher up in the organization could pull it again.
The I received another email from someone in the condo wanting Dave and I to be on the board.

Silly woman. They don't allow hobos on the board.

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