Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Be Frightened!!!

Yes, it's a new header - soon be followed by an official name change, however the link is still the same so you need do NOTHING to keep following me, and also?

The comment section works exactly the same too.

Just sayin'

I was going to tell you more about why exactly I decided to change this AGAIN, but I didn't really think I had a very interesting story to go along with the name change, never mind my choice of blog name, which, in case you're really interested, is simply because I wanted a unique name that isn't "plot specific."

You see, I don't want a blog name like "Everything is Absolutely Wonderful in My Life" because I am really funny about tempting fate like that, you know, because I'm Irish and all. And let's face it I'm not exactly a "Drowning in the Depths of My Soul" kinda gal either. And I for one think that anything that starts with "My so called" should be banned forever from Blogger.

So as you see, that's not a really interesting story involving zucchinis at all - and even though I know and you know that no one can be consistently awesomely entertaining, I didn't think you needed to witness my less than intriguing. I did this because I love you guys.

So this is it. The last change, I promise. (this by the way is exactly what I promised Dave after I married him, except substitute the word "marriage" for the word "change.")

But let's face it - you know me. And I know me. So there's a chance that I could do anything some more changing to this blog and the thing is? I want you to keep coming to see me so in order for me to make sure you know everything you need to know about the whereabouts and such of this wonderful publication, I kind of have to know who you are, so since it's the weekend, and you are just hangin out in your jammies anyway, why don't you mosey on down to the FOLLOWERS section and become an official follower. Official followers get more benefits than lurkers - I blow more kisses to them, make them cyber friendship bracelets and send them notifications of all thing zucchini just to name a few

So, don't be frightened - It's fast, it's easy, and it's wicked cool.


  1. Zucchinis are innately hilarious.

  2. You know, they really are. And at times they're everywhere!

  3. I'm here! I like zucchinis. Sliced, diced, or saturated in wine.

  4. Fantastic. Zucchinis are kind of quiet, work well with others, and again, when in season, they really get around!!! Glad you've found your way to the Garden.


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