Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Isn't It Ironic?

The other night we invited our friends to dinner and we decided to discuss the use of the word irony because that is what intelligent people do when they are drunk.

We were all in agreement that Alanis did not always use the word properly in her song but some of us were at a loss as to exactly how to use the very overused word "ironic." I mean, don't you think?

Dave who is very smart and for some strange reason seems to sound even more intelligent when drunk (or maybe when I'm drunk) gave us several examples of irony, all of which were slightly macabre, you know, stuff like this: "It's ironic when a cardiovascular surgeon dies of a heart attack or when an Olympic runner loses his legs in an accident."

Seriously, every single one of his examples were tragic. Even after being called on this, even after trying very hard to soften his examples the best he could do was "It's ironic that the head of the Humane Society was arrested for cruelty to animals." (true story.)

Anyway, this was really kind of hysterical after a few glasses of wine, and I pretty much forgot about it the next day along with just about everything from the night before, but "M" just couldn't end her oh-at-least-a-week-long quest to find the appropriate use of the word ironic and to prove once and for all that Alanis is not very smart at all no matter how Zen she has become once she became rich and bored, so finally she sent the above picture to me via email.

At last, an ironic situation in which no lives were lost.

And speaking of drinking wine and M, she sent us a picture of why one would not want to mix wine drinking with gingerbread house building.

Let this be a lesson to us all.

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