Thursday, November 26, 2009

Long long ago before Thanksgiving........

So we went to see King Tut the other day. He's on his final tour before he retires back in Egypt. Actually that's not true at all. King Tut doesn't tour at all - just his stuff does. He's been back in the Valley of the Kings since he met his untimely death, before people tried to rob his grave and then it was sealed again and then archaeologists in the 1920's found him again and started this madness which is The King Tut Tour.

But, it was cool. So many items found in relative grand condition - considering. Of course all these items were made of the best materials so they had a better chance of surviving time. After looking at this stuff, though I had to wonder what people in the future would make of our stuff, if our stuff were to last long enough which is a joke because I'm 51 years old and I've had like 28 toasters already. But still.

I tried to anticipate what the future people would make of some of our gadgets, like for instance this hairdryer

Sure, it's a ritual device, alright - and it is for calling the winds to blow your hair dry for about 4 months and then it starts doing this thing where it gets hot and then cools down and if you hold it in any other position but straight it cools down and if you move it too roughly, it cools down and then you realize it's clogged with hair but there's no way to open up the part that's clogged so you have to throw it away and buy a new wind caller.

It's not to call the gods, unless you consider Jesus F'ing Christ why can't this thing ever work a ritual incantation.

Anyway, Tut's stuff still rocks. I just wish I could have gotten this thing out of my head......


  1. Oh, great. Now I have that song stuck in my head all day. No, really: GREAT!I love that song. And I love your "Egyptian" eye makeup.

    My hairdryer is pretty dangerous. My hair tends to get trapped in the . . . whatever it is, and I panic and start screaming. Really all I have to do is turn the damn thing off, but where's the fun in that?

  2. Sorry. You know, ever since I posted that video I haven't thought of that song once! So, I think maybe you have to pass it on so it doesn't attach to you.

    Oh, yeah - the hairdryer drama. I agree. That's why I haven't thrown mine out yet.


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