Monday, December 7, 2009

Remember the time...?

At this very moment I am staring out the window waiting for the first flake. Yes, I can stare and type at the same time because people I am a "touch typist." Now who would have thought the woman who previously did everything short of voodoo rituals to keep the winter at bay (ok, I might have done one ritual but that was a long, long time ago) would be actually excited about snow?

Right now, however, the sun is threatening to shine through the clouds. I mean, what the hell? This is Canada and my peeps in the states are experiencing winter before I am. Next you're going to tell me we don't live in igloos.

In other news the twelfth of this month marks the one year anniversary of my coming to Canada. Time sure does fly when you're filling out the mountains of paperwork and running off to the beach to get married and all.

Last night we put up our tree for the second time and played remember when - as in remember when we went to Canadian Tire and looked at all the opened ransacked boxes of xmas trees until we found one that looked ok? (being careful not to accidentally take one of those flat sided ones that people use when they have no space for a whole tree.) Then we bought a bunch of Ikea ornaments and when I say a bunch? I mean so many I suspected my fake tree shrunk while stored. To top it all off I put a giant horrible (sort of) red velvet bow.

It's perfect.


  1. A YEAR?!?! Good lord. I need to get out more.

  2. thanks guys!

    Yes, a whole year - can you believe it?


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