Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Chi and Me

So there I was yesterday, all happy because I was going to try acupuncture for my hormone ravishings. I got up early and even shaved my legs. I made it to the streetcar just as it was arriving at the stop. It wasn't raining. All looked good.

I got to the place on time and despite my horrible directional challenges I actually got off at the right stop AND even found the place though it was a small sign and the actual office was upstairs - up very very steep stairs which of course was the first clue something might not have been thought out completely because you know, people who have acupuncture are often in pain of some sort and steep stairs? Kind of a challenge.

Anyway up I went hopeful, anxious to meet the Chinese man I read about on their website with all his credentials and his very Chinese name and all. I was greeted at the desk by a pleasant woman who said Janine? You're here to see (name kind of like Allen) which didn't sound Chinese at all but I was in a go with the flow mood strangely enough.

I filled out a consent form, which I kind of had to remind her about by saying "you wanted me to come early to fill out some forms?" and "Allen" came out to "greet" me, but the thing is Allen wasn't his name and he didn't actually greet me. It was an akwardly socially retarded moment with a good effort to save it by the office gal who formally introduced us in a heroic attempt to nudge the acupuncturist into performing the most basic of social graces.

This Allen was most likely in his late 20's and perhaps was the son of the man mentioned on the website, or the student, but again, in my go with the flow mood I reminded myself that many many people are now younger than I and in the future even more will be and I'm going to have to get over this and get on with it.

So I did. I just couldn't wait for those little needles. I spent the next half hour talking about my problems and watching him take notes and then he said that acupuncture wasn't really the thing for these issues, although the list on their website clearly included menopause in the list of many conditions that acupuncture can help. and suggested Chinese medicine instead and gave me the name of 2 formulas I could try after I find the place in Chinatown where one finds these concoctions.

And that was that.

Ever notice that your symptoms tend to go away right before you see the doctor? That kind of happened to me that day. I woke up feeling pretty good, I imagine in anticipation of that whole light at the end of the tunnel thing. I had pictured the new adventure that lie ahead and pictured me, a happy little pin cushion feeling the chi racing through my meridians now opened via thin needles and an ancient Chinese man's wisdom.

I left with some strange Chinese words on a piece of paper, a business card for some place in Chinatown, a place I pictured dark and scary and perhaps with dead ducks hanging in the window and mild embarrasment for spending the last half hour telling a man that was young enough to be my son about my girly problems. I got on the streetcar and headed for the mall where I eventually cried in the dressing room of Old Navy over pants that will never fit again and then had myself a lovely protein yogurt drink (called Pom Star) for lunch after which I swear-to-god I felt the chi flowing through every part of my spiritual body.

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  1. Maybe I need a Pom Star to get my Chi flowing! I'm bitchy today. Well, that's not surprising. What's surprising is that I'm able to admit my bitchiness today! He he heee!



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