Monday, December 14, 2009

Geek Exposed

Dave and I are still at the stage in our relationship where we like to hang out with each other, so when Dave had work to do Sunday he decided to set up at home rather than go all the way (translation - 2 miles) to the studio.

Hence we created Bedroom Studio One soon to be Toronto's very posh new nightclub featuring the revolving discotheque. (Blogger friends - let me know when you're in town and I'll leave your name at the door.)

As you might have noticed, Dave got a groovy new haircut thanks to our neighborhood stylist. It is reminiscent of 1967 John Lennon, or so we thought when he first emerged from the chair, transformed. But lately, after he completed his new look with retrogeek glasses, I've been noticing strange similarities to other well known celebs who were also into pop-nerd. Obviously after seeing dave in front of the microphone, I couldn't help but see the likeness here:

And here:

But take away the headphones and you can't help but think about (and let's face it, you should)

The guy who started the style that simply refused to die


JD (From "I Do Things So You Don't Have to" says, "I see a little Roy Orbison there, too."



  1. I see a little Roy Orbison there, too.

    Hey, you guys sound like fun! Please leave my name at the door -- and reserve a table for me. I'd like one near the front, so I can see and be seen by all the other celebrities.


  2. JD - Sure thing. I will be passing out complimentary ear plugs too. Not to suggest that you are old enough to care about your hearing health. I'm just sayin.


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