Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keep Away From The Windows

Ok, I think it's safe to sit at my computer in my jammies and write my blog.

Previously I was in danger of being spied upon by the window washers who, we were informed by management, were to be cleaning the windows starting November 4. Since this is a big building with many windows I figured I could expect men threatening to hang around outside my window for at least a month. But yesterday was the day. I pulled my horrific Ikea type large white strips of cheap material that never ever ever close without getting caught on just about everything including small cracker crumbs drapes and cowered in the corner, dressed and covered in our Scottish clan tartan blanket. And I probably rocked and drooled because that's how I roll.

Anyway, unless I'm not in the loop about things around this condo, and I'm sure I am as they are ultra-vigilant about such things as communication at this swank establishment, today it might be safe to sit at my computer in my jammies, drink coffee and write in my blog. Unless, of course they have scheduled the annual cobweb sweeping/spider control/pest background investigation/ dusting of the overhead lighting and I have somehow managed to ignore the memo.

So, what's on the agenda today, you might ask, hungry for news of my life. Well, I go to the dentist today to get a cavity in my wisdom tooth taken care of (hey, shut up that puppy is very very far back in my mouth and hard to reach.) I have a new dentist because I have a new everything as one who moves out of her country does. I spent some time looking at the dental offices I pass when I walk through town every day and by process of elimination I decided on my current dentist. My process was simple. If the dental chair was in the window, facing the outside and in full view of the walk-by public, which for some reason is the design choice of dentists with Asian sounding last names, they were disqualified.

That's when I knew that even though I have more than once lately let myself off the hook regarding one flaw or another by claiming that people my age shouldn't care about such things and I also suggested that people my age who do care about such things are narcissistic shallow individuals and that I was so much more spiritually enlightened and intellectually superior, I in fact still do care about what people think at least to the extent that I do not want passersby to see me gripping the dentist chair with my mouth wide open and full of metal things.

Because open mouth public drooling is not acceptable at any age, people. Keep that stuff behind the curtains.

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