Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wanted: Unlimited Days of Peace and Music. Reality and Dirty Clothes Need Not Apply

Dave and I are the same age or as I like to say "close enough."

So in 1969, he was 10 and I was 11 and everyone around us including our siblings were older as in old enough to do groovy things and we weren't. Hence we both had (and ok, stillkindof have) this fascination with the time mostly because we didn't actually experience it. As with most things in life 1969 was most likely if not absolutely better the way we imagine it, all tie-dye and altered minds, all long hair and really great bohemian clothing and of course some of the best music ever.

Yes, back then at 11 years old I fantasized about hitchhiking somewhere, and meeting up with another person who just happened to be some very cool guy with long hair and a guitar and we would "hitchhike our way across the USA, " and conceive a love child while simultaneously writing poetry (me) and music (him.)

My fantasies did not include dirty clothes, very little bathing, too much walking and absolutely no money. I kind of forbid those details from entering my mind, much the same way the real
hippies, when reminiscing about Woodstock never mention the mud.

And so, it's kind of interesting that while neither of us did end up doing any hitchhiking to large music festivals or living a bohemian lifestyle with people who wore moccasins and gauzy clothes, we did end up writing poetry (me) and music (him.)

And while I still think it's kind of cool to be married to someone who walks to work carrying a guitar, I am again guilty of "fantasy housecleaning."

You see, the dirty clothes are still trying to find way of worming themselves in.


  1. Poor Mr. Shorts. He just needs some love.

  2. You and I are about the same age (close enough). I remember when I first saw the movie Woodstock. I was sure I'd been born too late.


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