Thursday, July 16, 2009

This was going to be a post called Thursday in the City but now it's a post about trash and livin on the land

This is the first installment of Thursday in the City. I had intended to show off the beauty of my city (that would be Toronto.) As it turns out however, there is a lot more ugly here these days. You see, we are in the midst of a city workers strike and so the people who normally dispose of the trash (or garbage as they say here) for the city are not disposing of it. At all. After several weeks of this strike it's getting pretty gross around here and it is quite shameful.

When I first came here I couldn't get over how clean Toronto was. There was never a piece of
paper on the side of the road. Now it's everywhere. Glass from car accidents sit on the road for - well forever.

And here are some pictures of my local park.

Note that the trash disposal bins are not supposed to be used as there is no one taking the garbage away. Unfortunately they didn't take the bins away and the non-locals are using them because they don't know any better. Hence, the mess.

So, it's pretty ugly and sad and I'm sorry Tourists. I know you were told how clean and great this city is, and it usually is. Just not now.

In other news, we're livin' on the land, or livin' on love depending on when you catch us. Yes we are, like many people these days, being rather frugal.

And ever since I started wearing these 1970 like jeans I found at Old Navy I have been all about livin' on the land and getting back to the garden, etc. And that got me wondering if perhaps Old Navy uses recycled materials for their jeans and if perhaps these jeans were made from recycled original hippie jeans maybe someone who lived in a commune and didn't wear shoes or shirts. Just jeans. And perhaps the energy from the original owner survived the strictly controlled washing/sanitizing process and hung on until I wore the jeans and suddenly the energy transferred to me and now I'm all about being frugal and stuff. I've also got a little hankering for weed.

But back to the land, - for instance I have foraged in the refrigerator all week and came up with brilliant meals from what we have on hand. Mostly this is because Dave's son was visiting last week and so we stocked up on enough food to feed China. Naturally there were leftovers. But still. I'm about average.

And one more thing. Recently I've become a Superhero. I wasn't going to tell you guys because I thought you might think I'm bragging or you might be jealous or you might call the Department of Mental Health, but I decided it was time to reveal my true identity.

Washroom Attendant Woman!

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