Friday, July 17, 2009

I got nuthin' so I thought I'd bitch

Here's the latest from condo city:

I had scalding water from the hot water tap today and also? Scalding hot water from the cold tap. Last week it was cold and cold. Last week the AC needed repair. A few weeks ago one of the two barbecue grills on the roof died. It has yet to be replaced. On Tuesday there was a notice posted that informed the condo owners that the gas usage was up and it was because the barbecue grill was left on - you know that one grill that all the people in the building have to stand in line to to use? yeah, that one and could we please stop using so much gas thank you very much?

But at least I don' t have to worry about the rats.

Yes, I said rats. Condos have private garbage disposal so we, unlike the home owners in the city do not have to fight the rats who raid the overflowing garbage bins, nor do I have to get in a fight over the choice of makeshift landfill sites. (although I so would if I had to. I am up for a fight.)

Anyway the city is a disgrace and someone, I don't know - maybe the mayor is that crazy? should do something about it, like how about pulling rank? Isn't that what taxpayers pay him for?

Not to get all political here, but just sayin'.

First it's the swine flu and next it's the plague.

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  1. Yikes! I hope the Mayor reads your post.

    Good luck.



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