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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I write the words that make the whole world hungry (or sick) I'm not sure which.

Mead Five Star Notebooks are a necessary accessory for me. I have a lot of them - all different kinds (trust me they have thought of everything.) But there's one that I carry in my purse (which is more accurately called a "shoulder basket") that is multi purpose. I use it mostly (these days) for keeping my shopping lists, but then I use it when words come into my head that I may turn into poetry. So it's a strange journal filled with a beautiful mix of words, some practical and some not so much. Some feed your stomach and some feed your soul and some just end up crinkled up into an angry ball and tossed in the Ikea wastebasket that inevitably falls over because it's a top heavy piece of shit and then I scream "Fuck you Sven!" because I call everything from Ikea Sven even if it's a chair named Carl. I'll name my own chair thank you very much you Swedish bastard.

Now. Where was I? Oh. Often the lists are a little more thought provoking than the poem-starts. I like when I add a question mark to an item, as if to say (to myself) oh, I don't know. What do you think? Should I? Or maybe I'm trying to infer that the store would probably not have the item but I can only hope.

Anyway, today's list is above and to the left. As you can probably tell, without even employing the use of your keen amateur detective skills that we are having mexican tonight. Burritos to be exact. the MEAT part (underlined) is written larger and again underlined because I am purposely going to a store that is not as close as my usual destination. (for those of you in the cheap seats, I live downtown and do not use a car to go to the supermarket) I am going to this particular store for The Meat. I'm rather picky about meat and although it looks all romantic and urbany and such and even though these types of places make you want to bring a large basket with you in which you will put a long loaf of fresh bread in and some fresh flowers, I don't trust the "farmer's type" markets what with all that exposed foodstuffs that are for-sure hosts for diabolical diseases, mostly of the gastric distress kind but also probably leprosy and perhaps rickets. Anyway, there are two stores I trust for meat, neither closest to my home, so the point is, you must be starting to get an idea of the extent of my meat pickiness and you are also getting fed up with this particular subject as am I.

So onto my hot water situation . Three weeks and counting and still no dependable hot water in the condo. Sometimes we have perfect hot, sometimes we have lukewarm, sometimes we have cold and sometimes we have scalding hot in both the hot and cold faucets. So it's always a mystery and it's always an adventure and it's always not very fun at all. And for three weeks the plumbers have come daily and still the situation is not resolved (it is not just in our unit by the way.) Interestingly enough, Sunday was the only day we had hot water all day and it appeared that everyone else did too. I mean, even plumbers don't want to work on Sunday right? Just sayin.'


  1. I call everything Ikea a "Gurverkaflurgen."

  2. Well I hope you get to purchase good quality meat, make some kick ass burritos, drink a few margaritas with dave and are able to wash the dishes in hot water.

  3. Mexican food ingredients can be poetic. It seems to be all we eat around here.

    The water situation would get on my last nerve. I'd have that plumber living with us until he figured the problem out. How hard can it be? Some pipes are crossed somewhere? Right?

    Good luck!


  4. Libby: I tried that but I couldn't say it when I was drunk which pretty much ruled out most of the day.

    Peach Tart - That would be fantastic. I'm sure I'll appreciate things like hot water and shoes air as a result of this experience.

    Momster - yeah. Actually I think it's because the mgt. company doesn't want to pay for the big fix so they are taking the bandaid approach. Just a hunch.

  5. I keep a spiral steno pad for the same purpose. Mostly grocery lists with quips and interviews and story ideas thrown in. I left it at Trader Joe's once. I'm sure I'm not imagining the snicker I hear every time I walk in the door now.


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