Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok, I may have not blogged in a while, but I came back to report on the dog poop

I always feel guilty when I don't blog, not so much because I'm letting anyone down but mostly because I am letting myself down, you know, by feeling I have no blog worthy material. But. Um. Blogworthy material? What isn't I ask and you say - not a thing.

Yeah, because a blog is just a keen eye into the ordinary - making it not so ordinary after all. Or so we ordinary folk like to think anyway.

Well, on that note I ventured out today - alone - Dave is playing golf - a networking-work kind of thing but he does so love the golf as well and so God Bless 'im and I went out to the book store, etc., and then I had to go get a little something in the food category and suddenly...DOGS.

Yeah. Dogs. Lot's of them. Apparently today Church street was closed due to doggy traffic. There was some sort of doggy fair cutely named Woofstock happening and every dog who was any kind of dog attended. And they were all barking and growling at each other and smelling each other's privates. Funny because dogs in these parts do see other dogs on a regular basis so what's the novelty - but I guess there was some kind of pressure with this kind of turnout and hence the frayed nerves and the inappropriate outbursts, as well as the pooping on the sidewalk.

Oh well, it happens. It's just nerves.

I came into the condo after my outing and made some comment about dogs and immediately realized that the doorman has probably heard every dog comment/joke/pun possible in the lifetime in the last few hours - you know stuff like "Toronto has gone to the dogs!" or It's raining dogs!" or something else equally if not way more bad, so I kind of didn't want to say a thing, but then that's my usual kind of response in this land of the friendly people so lately I've been thinking that it may be better to state the obvious than to be mute and seem standoffish, so there you go, I said something that included the world "dog" and the front desk guy laughed and agreed with whatever I was going on about at the time and that was that. Because you know the front desk guys really aren't listening to you at all because if they did they'd all be rocking and cutting themselves regularly and with conviction. You know they would.

But back to this doggie thing. Why I had no idea how popular it is! How many people love an excuse to strut their dog around and buy them doggie innapropriate clothing!

And again I have to start a sentence with "Only in Canada." Yes, only in Cananda would they close down major roads due to a "peaceful" demonstration and/or The Woofstock Festival.

No wonder so many people came here the '60s.

Also? I've seen a Bulldog in a Speedo and I almost went blind as a result.


  1. I was just thinking about you today and I wondered if I'd missed a post or two.

    I'm blogging on the weekend but I thought I'd take the weekend off from blogging.

    How's Dave? Is he 100% yet, or is he playing golf sick?

    Wish I could have gone to the book store with you but I never want to see a dog in a Speedo....Ew!!


  2. Dave's doing well thanks to some antibiotics for the chest infection resulting from the flu. It only took three trips to the clinic to score the crack - I mean antibiotic. Really, what's the difference? Except crack is probably easier to get.


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