Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diagnosis - Swine Flu or Something

Does this guy look like he has the swine flu to you?

Well, truth be told there is no way to know. Actually there is, but by the time the test results come in, the Dave will have either recovered or died, so they no longer even test for swine flu. Basically they consider your symptoms, listen to your chest and say "Yeah, you could have the swine flu. Or you could have another flu, but we don't test because (see above.)"

Now remember, this is the SWINE FLU, the subject of panic headlines on every national and local news program in several countries for weeks. Now it's like "yeah, yeah, swine flu. Go home and take Tylenol and also? Wear this mask. Wash your hands."

At this rate when Judgment Day finally does arrive we'll all totally ignore the Emergency Broadcast System instructions and then we'll be at the mercy of those horrible robots with the red eyes.

But back to us. Dave has the swine flu and he's been home and determined not to be one of those guys that women talk about when they roll their eyes and say "My husband is home sick" and then all the other women look very sympathetic and pat the unfortunate woman-whose-hubby-is-home-sick on the back and promise to say a rosary for her, ask the force to be with her, slip her a small bottle of whiskey and the phone number for Dial-A-Psycho-Home-Nurse. So he's been behaving himself - not sniffing or moaning or delivering too many death bed instructions.

And I? I have been the most wonderful woman in the world. I made him vanilla pudding and everything.

It's great when my hungry week coincides with Dave's sick week. We also had ham and cheese sandwiches w/spicy mustard on toasted cheese bread. Cheese bread that was warm from the oven people. And beef stew, and biscuits.


  1. I had something a while back. I had it for 3 to 5 days. My Hubby got it from me when I gave him a proper "thank you" for fixing my car and he's still coughing stuff up! Poor guy! Pudding makes everything better, right? I should have made my Hubby some.....
    Hope Dave is 100% in no time!!
    Extra vitamin A, C, Olive Leaf, Colloidal silver, garlic....anything to boost his immune system!!


  2. I hope the swine flu turns out to be nothing serious. Also? The post-pudding picture shows you two standing pretty close to each other, you might want to put on a mask! You sound like a nice wife, pudding and sammiches? Yum.

  3. Momster - Maybe you had it too - or no one does. We'll never know because no one is all that excited about knowing what kind of flu you have anymore. Oh well - glad you're better and hope your husband is soon.

    Hmm, never heard of the olive leaf and colloidal silver thing. I've been brewing him lots of teas in my cauldron - I mean in the kitchen.........

  4. Casey - I think it was too late to worry about exposure at that point!

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  5. I would willingly inject myself with swine flu for some warm-from-the-oven cheese bread.

    Best wishes to Dave -- and you -- for a clean bill of health.


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