Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beach blanket blogging

Yes, this is what we did instead of blogging. I'm sure you understand.

My whole goal for today was to sit on the beach and just enjoy sitting on the beach. You know, be all one with nature and all. I live in an urban environment and don't see a lot of nature everyday, however we do have this great beach five minutes away. Unfortunately there is always one little problem when you attempt to go into nature and become one. And that problem, my friends, is other people, the ones who play loud music for the entire shoreline to enjoy and then there is the Man Who Lives To Barbecue who almost smokes you out with his "firestarter routine" which includes twigs and leaves all things very smoky.

And then? He barbecues fish. Who barbecues fish? Listen in your own backyard on your Webber go to town, man, but on the beach can you limit it to a couple of hot dogs and some burgers - you know the stuff that doesn't require The Barbecuing all day long?

So anyway, I did manage to bond with nature, see a spastic Jack Russell Terrier digging a whole to China while screaming - yes this dog screamed - sit and become one with the music the smoke, nature and my favorite guy and score a sunburn on my nose. Success!


  1. I look obese sitting in that chair.

    I am not sitting in it in public again.

  2. I like the idea of a screaming dog :)

  3. Dave - stop being such a girl.

    Jill - I almost pissed myself it was so funny. Besides I really had to pee anyway and I the sound of the lake - so it was a close call.


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