Monday, May 11, 2009

Ok, the party's over. And despite the misleading blog title, there's really no devastation, just the usual hints of a party gone horribly right - balloons sighing their last breaths, lots of empty bottles, stranger's underwear left behind. Nothing extraordinary to speak of really.

Still, when parties are over, there's no more planning, anticipating, no more surprises, (the expected, the unexpected, and also the so very predictable it's almost laughable. )No more justification for doing everything to excess. And on that note, I bring you to the ever dreaded


Yes, folks this is a week of chicken, of baked fish, salads and spring water. Of walking, of yoga and of lifting things a little heavier than a wine glass, like loads and loads of laundry and junk that needs to be recycled and yes, weights. Geez.

In other words, you might want to find some other blog to hang out in until we find an excuse to celebrate something else which will be soon I promise.

But until then, let's just sit around and chat, shall we?

So, here in Toronto, demonstrators (I'm not going to name the group because, kind of like the guy who killed John Lennon, they live for the notoriety) closed down the Gardiner Expressway last night. Despite this takeover, the demonstration was considered mostly peaceful.

See, where I come from (Boston) if "some group" tried to close down the Massachusetts Turnpike they'd never get away with it. No, I'm not talking police action here. I'm talking commuter action. In other words they'd all be dead mothafuckas.

Just sayin'.

You know, Canadians are so darned friendly.

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