Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day One of Two Weeks of Being Good - Ate chicken and rice and some green beans for dinner.

We had a little very good wine to celebrate endings and/but mostly beginnings. *

Both of us were starving because we ate nothing but celery strings and wood chips all day had been good all day so we ate dinner earlier than normal. After dinner, with the sun still shining brightly in the window and nearly blinding us, Dave put a movie on. I promptly fell asleep.

I don't know why I always fall asleep when I watch tv but I do. Even during the day - but I'm careful to sit on the edge of my seat then, and make a purpose of just sitting "for a sec" to see what Oprah has to say today. But even then I feel a little sleepy.

I'm not really sure why television has a somewhat comatose sedative-like effect on me. I have a theory though.

Used to be (when I was younger) I'd watch television to get a sort of sneak peak at what my life was going to be like. Sometimes I was Marlo Thomas, sometimes Mary Tyler Moore, sometimes I was that kind of sexy girl who had like three lines on Lost in Space and sometimes I was Susan Dey, the real one, not Keith Partidges sister - that way I could also envision the whole kissing David Cassidy thing because, c'mon we so know they did it. And then of course I lived the life of a girl detective vicariously through Honey West - as you know, this was to actually become my life's calling! Well, not professionally, of course, you know - just in an amateur kind of snooping through wallets and cell phones kind of way.

Anyway, enough of proving that "Reruns all become our history."

Despite the fact that most of these role models did not predict anything at all about my real life, I am an ever hopeful individual. Even back then. So I watched television with my eyes wide open. Now, quite a few years later, I know what life is really about. And it's exhausting, people.

So rather than watch actors pretend to be someone else doing things that people almost never do and saying things that we never think to say at the time, but do think of like 6 minutes after the fact and start the whole I should have said and Next time I'm gonna tell her routine I'd rather just catch up on my sleep.

*on that previous note, (yes go back and find the starred passage) are you the kind of person who gives cash as gifts? Or generic giftcards? Do you ever wonder what the recipient of your generous gift actually buys with the money/card? Yeah, so do I. Seriously I am so very curious. So in the comments section feel free to tell us about the weirdest thing you bought with gift-money.

UPDATED: Here is my horoscope for today: Actually this could be my horoscope every day so no need to look it up daily I guess. Check out "loosen your mental grip." Is there a tool for this?

You could become obsessed today with one particular idea that you have about your future. On the other hand, it's possible for you to become quite fearful of being stuck in your current path and not liking where you end up. Either way, it's crucial for you to loosen your mental grip so you can regain a healthier perspective.
By Rick Levine


  1. I started eating health again yesterday as well. Oatmeal blows.

  2. TV can be exhausting, but it rarely puts me to sleep. In fact, if I'm having trouble sleeping (rare), I'll usually watch TV, find something interesting, and be up all night.

    I'm on a diet too. Baby carrots are nature's candy.

  3. L. Libby - It does, unless you put lots of cream and maple syrup in it.

    JD - baby carrots. gotcha. What are nature's potato chips?

  4. It seems I may have watched too many episodes of Green Acres.

    In answer to your question, I almost always receive food-related gift cards. Restaurants & Trader Joes, mostly. It's why I stay friends with the people I know.

  5. TV makes me tired too but it's probably because I never turn it on until the end of the kid-chasing day.

    I'm a gift card/cash giver, it's less personal but more practical. I felt really bad buying cleaning supplies at Target the other day with my daughter's birthday gift card but she's the one making the mess...


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