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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now that the birthday party is over and it's a couple of weeks until the next big event, I'm finding myself a teensy bit bored. So bored, in fact that I was pretty upset with Oprah for having a "best of" show yesterday.

She presented us with The Best of Dr. Oz because surprise ! he's getting his own show where people can come to the studio or Skype in and talk about their poop.

You do know that most of Oprah's viewing audience, made up of stay at home mommies NEVER get sick of the poop topic, right? I mean, really. After a hard day with the kids, nothing is more anticipated than putting them down for naps, grabbing your tea cup and tuning in Oprah or the New Dr. Oz Show to listen to someone (albeit someone over the age of three) go on about poop. Mommies just cannot get enough of that topic I'm tellin' ya. No siree.

Anywho. My kids are grown adults and so I only have to deal with the occasional adult sibling rivalry spawned by a group vacation that lasted past the standard amount of time they can be together without having an argument which spawned the request for referee services, the one hat that mommies wear forever. Wait. Do refs wear hats?

So I'm kind of done with the word poop being part of my everyday vocabulary. I don't talk about or think about poop too much now, except sometimes I hear of the potty training accomplishments of the grandchildren. Believe me, hearing about it is SO much better than living it. The point is, I'm here to tell you that eventually you will have whole conversations without using the word poop once. I promise you. Hang in there.

Of course, later poop could once again become a bigger part of your life, but I'm not going to think about that now and simply enjoy my time of poop indifference.

Onto other subjects. In preparation for my next big event, I need to have some stains taken off satin shoes. It looks like grease. I'm thinking I may have to have them dyed. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance and here is a wonderful recipe for tonight. You can also make this with veal. In a pinch you can drink the Marsala but I wouldn't recommend it unless you just really need to get hammered and you don't care what it tastes like.


  1. Are you sure it's grease? Could be poop.

  2. Now that you mention it.....

  3. I have a lot of poop talk ahead of me. Chris can't handle anyone talking about it, so it's kind of a staple around here. I have never been so well-versed in poop jokes.


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