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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday "My Cousin Re-Named Me"

I am assuming she forgot.  And that's why she gave me a new name, one that she called me for many years. Or maybe she didn't like my real name. Or maybe she is hard of hearing, or a wee bit daft.

What was really strange was that I never corrected her.  I mean, I guess I figured that the names were close enough. It was a mistake anyone could make, right?  I mean, even your cousin could make that mistake.   Well, maybe not yours, but mine could.  Obviously.

But I just kept letting it go, saying nothing.  I guess I figured that one day she would realize her mistake.  And she did - 30 years later.

And it wasn't like "oh my god!! I can't believe that all these years I've been calling you by the wrong name!' or anything.  This is what happened. We ran into each other and she used my real name when she greeted me. The end.

I think this was the most awkward moment of all.

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