Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nutty Nun Tells A Joke and Little Princess takes The Sacred Oath of Straight-Face

The Time I Made A Solemn Oath NEVER to Laugh at Nutty Nun's Jokes.  Ever.  Yeah. That'll Fix her.  

You know, how adorable is that really?  I mean, I was a total bad ass that day.  All the other numb-nuts were laughing their fool heads off at her lame ass jokes,  but not me, oh, and not Peter R. either. Coincidentally Peter R and I were the smartest kids in Grade 1, so yeah, draw your own conclusions.  However unlike Peter I didn't poop my pants at school, even though I was terrified of the scary bathroom in the basement of the old scary building.  I did my best to make it to the toilet.   He sure did look uncomfortable walking home from school that day with his pants full of poop.  But hey, at least his head wasn't full of shit. I actually lost a few spelling bees to that Poindexter.   (4, if you must know.)


Please attach soul and sign in blood. Thank you, The Management