Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yesterday I Almost Died But Became Famous Instead

So I was walking into the "supermarket" yesterday and someone approached me, said hi and then asked me Did you write a blog entry today?  She asked as if she was pretty sure I hadn't since she had been checking.  Yes.  a FAN !!  or maybe a FAN ??

Ok, before we I get too excited, let me clarify.  This woman is my friend and my neighbor and a fellow blogger and it is the middle of Winter in The Land That Time Forgot.  So she said it fueled by a bit of friendship with a dash of mind numbing Winter boredom, and likely just a pinch of  because there's nothing else to talk about and we have already established we are not going to talk about the weather because on the day we start doing that we will buy ugly pants, take up chain smoking and grow a beard.

Still.  It was cool to have a fan-ish person ask about my blog in front of her friend! (hey. wait. Does that qualify as social media marketing if it happens in real life?)  And you know what?  It was kind of cool to have someone confirm to the world  the woman behind the counter at the liquor store, a screaming kid in a cart, and some old lady wearing some kind of costume, that I actually do something with myself all day.  (Ok, Really, dirtymind?  Stop it. You know what I mean.)

And this is great,  as long as she doesn't go crazy as in Winter Isolation Crazy (WIC) and cut my legs off so I can stay locked up in her house writing blog posts to keep her entertained, I'm cool with it.  And no photos before noon, especially ones where my one bigger boob is escaping my bra and my mouth is opened wide obviously screaming obscenities.  Yeah, none of that.  I mean it.

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, I decided to go out AGAIN on the coldest day since The Great Coldest Ass Day of 1875 to buy food, pulled up to the little market realizing that I might have to walk three miles from the car to the store and would likely not make it alive, only to find that someone with a prime spot was just leaving and the spot was large enough for me to actually parallel park in, which I did, but after choosing all my food, putting it on the checkout counter and digging in my purse, I remembered my wallet was upstairs at home next to my computer. So after the nice lady at the checkout told me everything was going to be ok, don't worry and handed me a Zoloft,  I went back out in the cold, back in the car, back home, out in the cold again, in the house, and then back out in the cold, in the car, and to the store, only to find that I now had to park three miles away and then I almost died of hypothermia.

But I didn't.   So here is that post you've been waiting for, Little Miss Bossy Pants.  I hope you're happy.


  1. Thank you...I feel better now!!!

    Carry on!

  2. I've lost an ear to frostbite, but honestly it was worth it to make you feel better. :)


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