Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I have been out of the blog world for a while.  Those of you who are new to my blog should note that you are the new one, not me or this blog.  I have been a blogger before there was blogging, annoying friends and family members with my nonsense letters (yes, you heard me, letters) since approximately 1970.  This blog has been around since about 2009 I think.

You may wonder why I am boring you with this information and it is because I need to have an excuse regarding my ignorance about a little thing called "Throwback Thursday"  But now that I know that this fun activity exists, let's not waste any more time yapping about it.

Here I am.  What I lack in teeth, I sure do make up for in eyebrows.  Wow, look how surprised I look!

RIP Blue haired doll made with flammable sawdust stuffing.You were part of a massive product recall not long after I receive you as a gift and were forced to join the ranks of many many innocent women who were condemned to death by fire, lest you should you decided to spontaneously burst into flames, which ladies were not allowed to do in 1964 and even later, ladies were only allowed to burn their bras. 


Please attach soul and sign in blood. Thank you, The Management