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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Day We Thought It Was Tuesday

Yep. This was our morning. Minus Part-Time Kitty. She is, as we speak, sunning herself at the Tanning Booth, otherwise known as my porch. Cats care little about things like harmful UV rays. I guess that's the way it is when being attacked, mauled and pretty-much eaten by another animal is a real life risk. Humans should adopt this practice of reality checking now and then. Not that many of us will be at real risk of being eaten alive, you know, literally, but still.

Anyway, PT Kitty will soon be sitting at the door, using her magical and sometimes evil powers to open it. Never underestimate a cat. They are not what they appear to be. They are usually so much less nice.

So let's recap the weekend, shall we? Yesterday, we got up really late because I relied on the sun to be my alarm clock. After getting up that late, a few things become apparent.

1. You should just eat lunch for breakfast because let's face it - you have missed breakfast. So we had leftover chicken pie from the night before.

2. The day is half over. You now have two choices. Pretend you got up on time and carry on with your life by adjusting your schedule to the actual time. Rush through things like showers and such and get to the business of the day. Choice Two - you can go back to bed and sleep through the rest of the day and start again tomorrow, hopefully with a bit more luck.

Luckily this was NOT a business day - as it was Sunday and so the pressure was off a bit. And yet. we still decided to go with option number 1. Soon we were on our way in the car to drive to a place so we could have a walk - because that's what modern people do. On the way we got hungry. Having skipped breakfast and already indulged in lunch, we had no choice but to stop at the diner and have a "snack." Snacks in the afternoon are allowed. We ordered a plate of nacho's (legitimate snack food) and a diet Coke (because we are obviously watching our weight.)

Finally we drove off to get some exercise.

And found a beach we never experienced before. No one was around because let's face it - who goes to the beach in January? and so we had no trouble finding a spot in the mud pit parking lot. Then we forgot we are no longer 12 and took the steepest way down a muddy hill to the beach, during which I promptly fell on my ass. The camera, however, was unscathed and that, my friends is all that really matters.