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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lame Excuses for My Absence, part 65

Ok, I have been absent for a bit.

Here's why.

I got an email from PRINCESS HILDA MOYO the daughter of PRINCE DENNIS MOYO, of the republic of Zimbabwe and I had to help her. That took a while and I think I may have absolutely no identity now.

I told my entire FB that I thought Facebook might be an enormous cyber gratitude journal complete with made-up entries. I said this because I'm so sick of everyone on FB trying to appear oh so successful/happy/adjusted/normal I just want to fucking puke. Where's the fun in that people? Please tell me.

I am planning on organizing women to take over the world. I'm looking for weapons. I think frying pans and pretty much anything that can be thrown across the room in rage.

I am enjoying French Martinis.

We have a house guest.

I'm cleaning my drawers, refrigerator and closet.

I'm addicted to table settings and used books and haven't found a rehab center who specializes in these addictions.

My Canadian spellcheck keeps alerting me to misspelled words which are not misspelled in the US. This is very time consuming, people.

Other than that, I'm not that busy, and so I should be back to blogging any time now.


  1. Everyone is on vacation or "taking some time away" from their blogs--have you noticed?? I've been guilty of not getting around the blogroll too well, but it's summer. Whatever.

    I hate FB and the lame stuff people put on there. Let's start a ruckus!!!


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