Friday, July 30, 2010

How Many Ways Can You Say Fuck You?

We have new management at our condo. An appropriate title for this saga would be Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my condo, our HOME, but I really despise condo living. You see, the condo concept doesn't work. Your building and your schedule is at the mercy of a management company who has no personal connection to the place or the people. In fact, the idea of "people" being involved in every decision is a foreign concept to most property managers.

Without a personal connection, without knowing and being part of the community of the building, the people along with the building are merely details involved in someone's desk job. And worse - because the company manages the building, they are under the mistaken assumption that they manage the people living in the building, which is a very incorrect assumption. You see, we write the pay check of the property manager, every single month when we pay what's commonly referred to as "condo fees."

Oh yes, there is a Board of Directors who oversee the management, however these are owner/volunteers who are most likely flooded by suggestions/requests/questions from other owners and are most likely cursing their decision to be on the board at all and are counting the days until they can step down. So you see, this condo idea while in theory seems very civilized, in practice is doomed to fail. And it does. Regularly.

Recently a notice went up informing us that next Tuesday evening, from 8:00 pm to Wednesday morning at 7:00 am all water and air conditioning is going to be shut down for some mandatory work. I wrote to the management not because I expected results, but because if I start keeping my mouth shut I will have, like most owners, have given up. My Celtic ancestors would not like this much. So I wrote to our property manager, and asked why in the world she would schedule this work in the hottest month of the year. Here's her reply:

Good Morning

Unfortunately it is a project that needs to get done as we are mostly thru the project.
No time is a convenient time with a project like this
Our mandate is to have it completed before the city comes in and mandates it for us.

Enjoy your weekend

Well, if that's not a corporate fuck you I don't know what is. I hope she enjoys her weekend too. I really do.