Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blue Suburbia, the Waterlogged Version

All of a sudden my fonts have changed and I'm not really happy about that. But when I think about it, if all I have to be unhappy about is fonts, I am a very lucky individual. (by the way if you don't notice any difference in my fonts it's because I have once again outsmarted my computer or Blogger or whatever source of pure evil causes these things to happen.)

Anyway, my friend, Miss T loves to take baths. She has enjoyed bathing even more since the bathroom renovation is complete and now she has a large pool-like bathtub. She buys lots of lovely smelly things from Lush and pours herself a girly drink, grabs a book and forgets that instead of being the best selling author of young adult fiction that she should be, she works for The Man in the cube all day with her coworkers, not-so-lovingly referred to as Mail Order Bride and Head Trauma Harry.

This week she sent me a fantastic book to read, and it arrived yesterday in the much anticipated waterlogged condition. The book, by the way is called Blue Suburbia by Laurie Lico Albanese and if you haven't read it you simply must. It is a memoir that is written in prose poetry style and I just want to stab myself for not thinking of this first. But anyway.

If you decide to buy this book, your copy will never be the same as mine because your copy will not be waterlogged. And because it is not waterlogged and didn't arrive in your mailbox without being ordered, you probably won't smile a lot when you look at it.

You see, if you had received a waterlogged version of the book in the mail without even ordering it you would smile a lot because (a) you love getting presents from home and (b) you would be glad that nothing at all has changed and especially nothing you love about your friends has changed since you have been gone, and (c) you would be reminded of the way you just love people who enjoy little things like books and bubblebaths and brightly coloured cocktails and just about anything from Starbucks.

So I'm sorry all of this won't come with your copy of Blue Suburbia, but all that aside it is a rocking book.

But speaking of mail, since I ran away from home, I began to receive many things via snail mail, something that rarely happened when before I ran away. Before I ran away I hardly had any mail in my mail box. I paid my bills online and really - who bothers with greeting cards anymore? Recipes and pictures are exchanged via email, so with the exception of store flyers my mailbox was pretty much filled with tumbleweed.

But now I live in Canada and I know many people think that there are very few differences between Canada and US but I am here to tell you there are. Now, of course there are fewer differences between Canada and the United States than there are between the United States and most other countries, but even the little things take getting used to - you know such as not being able to order absolutely anything online and watching my spell check get upset about certain words, such as gray and color.

Luckily places like Amazon.com will ship here and so I can still manage to score any old book I please even though I do often have to wait longer, but that's why it's so much fun when it gets here. Also, people tend to send me things, you know, like my mail, my Pottery Barn Catalog also known as my Porn (can't get the PB catalog here) hand written recipes and notes from my friend Harriett, and now my soggy book from Miss T.

So, keep those cards and letters coming people. And know that there's a big ole dorky smile on my I-am-prepared-for-any-type-of-weather face when I see the return address.

Ps: don't send anything that will get me in trouble with customs.

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