Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's 9:25 am and already this morning I

a. Realized I was out of coffee and got dressed and walked to Starbucks.

b. As I walked by the fence at Starbucks, the one with all the window boxes hanging from it I realized one of the window boxes was on fire.

c. Told the management of the situation and the had time to put it out the old fashioned way.

d. Did not get a free cup of coffee.

e. Forgot to take a picture of the fire even though I don't go anywhere without my camera.

Yes. That kind of day.


  1. They couldn't spring for a free cup of coffee? Shame on them!

  2. I'd say go home. Get in bed. Get out the other side and start the day over again.

  3. Jules - no. However they may have been 1.in shock and then 2. in survival mode. I'm going to let them off the hook.

    Peach Tart - yes, that is wise advice.


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