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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Managing Things

Condo living has been quite challenging lately. It wasn't always this way. When we first lived here everything was fine. Then the management company changed. Then everything wasn't fine. They claim it's because previous management did nothing and now there are repairs and maintenance long overdue. That said, we have issues almost everyday. I used to keep a log of the issues in my Outlook, but then my laptop computer, old Stanislav From Old Country, weighing in at 57 lbs decided to take the big sleep, taking with him all the careful notations of a person with too much time on her hands.

Monica, the lucky person manning the front desk at the management company who receives my frequent emails, mostly - no completely about the lack of communication between management and owners, received yet another one.

Hi Monica,

Contrary to what you might be thinking, I do not enjoy complaining about the communication in this building. Unfortunately, I have to since it's bordering on the absurd. This morning I opened my door to find a notice that the plumbers are coming into my unit TODAY between 9-5. As of 6:00 pm last evening there was no notice left at the door. So sometime between 6:00 pm and 8:00 the notice was left - hardly the 24 hour notice we should receive. I have never lived in a building or rented an apartment for that matter where less than 24 hours notice was needed to enter the unit unless during an emergency. This should be a policy here. I understand from the notice that this visit is to check on noise coming from the pipes, hardly an emergency.

I work from home and do not want to step out of the shower to find maintenance men (accompanied by a male security guard) in my condo. I have been home when they arrive and they knock quickly and then enter, without even waiting to see if someone comes to the door.I have faithfully checked the front desk and elevator every day to stay informed of the almost daily maintenance issues here (yes daily, you can't make this stuff up.) I saw nothing regarding this plumbing issue. I asked on Sept 1, (that is 11 days ago) for access to the website, where I am told that all updated information on maintenance issues is kept. As of today I still don't have access. I am at a loss as to what we are supposed to do now - contact a psychic?

Please advise.

In other news, my sister has come to visit with her significant other. No, I haven't seen her yet because we seemed to have a great deal of difficulty explaining the concept of distance vs/time in the city. Hence despite our warnings and suggestions her S.O. insisted on staying at a hotel that Google claimed was 23 minutes away - translation 45 minutes. So they got in later than expected and couldn't make it for dinner. I am for the first time in almost a year within a few miles of my sis and I haven't seen her yet.

Yes, the fun is still in dysfunctional I do believe.


  1. Okay so I know you're a little busy right now, but I thought you'd like this:

    Hope you're having a fun celebration!

  2. Thanks Susan, that's a great idea. I make things for myself alot mostly because I don't think they are good enough for others!


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