Saturday, August 1, 2009

Did you ever think that talk about water could be so fascinating?

Yesterday I got very excited.

I put on the faucet and felt hot water. No, not warm, hot. I was ecstatic. I ran into the bathroom and threw off all my clothes and began to fill the tub, a place I haven't been able to spend much time lately. I let it fill up and bit and then decided to test the temp. It was very hot. So I shut off the hot water faucet and put on the cold water. It was very hot.

Then I said something like NOOOOooooooooooooooo you motherfucker! Because when I'm angry I delve into my extensive vocabulary and sometimes even try a few Word A Day choices.

And then I filled the tub with hot water and waited. And waited. Which got me to thinking about how usually when I'm in the tub, it's not long at all before I'm adding hot water to warm it up, but when you are waiting for hot water to cool? Not so much. Different story, my friends, different story. Then I added the cool water I had stored in my canning pot. Eventually the water was cool enough to use for the much awaited tub. The blisters are starting to heal.

Then I did the same thing all over again so that when Dave got home from the gym he could get clean without leaving most of his skin in the tub. That can be very messy and I just cleaned the house.

This almost-a-month-with-water-issues has really proven (to me no one else is paying attention) how resourceful I am. So to honor this achievement (which is what I refer to as Urban Survival Quest) I have added "pioneer woman" onto the name plate on my door which now reads Janine, Girl Detective-Pioneer Woman. Yeah, you scoff, but years ago no one understood what an attorney could do for them either. So move over Life Coaches, Pioneer woman is here.

Yesterday I was also happy because I got another agent bite on my novel. I worked hard to send her exactly what she wanted in exactly the format she wanted. Now I will wait (up to ten weeks) for the results during which time I will do what I do best. I will forget all about it because I have other things to do on Facebook and Twitter and all. (that submitting shit was really cutting into my schedule.) But seriously folks, I will be busy working on novel number 2 which is totally fun because I get to be a crazy person and I'm not sure why but it's kind of easy for me.

Also exciting news is that our friends who make this blog once in a while but I have to totally change their appearance via that cheap photo program I use, are throwing us a wedding party . I used this cheap photo program for years and never bought it, so I'm still in "evaluation mode." In fact, every time I use it a box pops up to remind me that I am on day 47689 of my 21 day evaluation period. Anyway, with the aid of this program I am able to turn our friends into Russians and such so that they remain anonymous and still gain notoriety via this extremely popular blog as seen on Oprah. So., anyway, these mysterious friends are throwing us a party and I'm very excited about that, however it requires Dave's participation in an activity which will require him to fight with all his might against his ADD. He has to come up with a list of guests and addresses. This may not seem like a bit deal, but trust me. He is an iPhone person and I am a Blackberry person. Need I say more. He has a special ringtone for all his friends but he probably hasn't got a clue what their mailing address is. So, sorry Mary, this is going to take some time and whip cracking but believe me when I say I am so on it. SO on it.

Ok, so while I am sitting in the living room with the lap top and wireless, the sun coming in the window and warming just my feet and on my second cup of perfect coffee and would like nothing more than to continue doing just this, I'm not going to. Why? Because I love you that's why and you need to do something other than read about my exciting life. Go have one of your own.

That's it - go on! Get out of here. Good. Enjoy

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