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Friday, May 15, 2009

Obviously. Those little buttons all cozy and close-together like. God only knows what I'm texting half the time. It's a new language - let's call it Blackberrian. Thank god most of the people I text are fluent in that Language From The Future.

Anyway, when I text, I'm kind of like that guy from Brazil that my late husband used to work with. He was always saying things wrong but everyone laughed and forgave him even for the worst racial slurs because he learned English from watching television and movies and his favorite movie was Pulp Fiction.

The picture on the left is my own personal creation via some free image software that I am currently evaluating (I am now on day 230, 405 of my 28 day evaluation period) and the startup procedure is grueling because evaluation periods are not supposed to be comfortable and it just about drives Dave crazy to watch me open that program and he starts throwing his credit card at me and says For the love of the sweet baby jesus would you just buy it already? but I don't. You know, just cuz.

And so anyway here is the latest creation, The Blackberry with hieroglyphics which I thought was really amusing at first because I was trying to find some language to paste into the Blackberry no one could decipher ( similar to the messages I write with my own blackberry) but then I realized that this is so much easier to read than any of my messages.

It clearly states "I'll be a little late for dinner. Sorry honey."

See the little man at the top is working with another little man (at least I HOPE it's a man) and then there are some flowery looking symbols because he's thinking of bringing flowers home because he's sorry about being late. That sphinx like thing is the wife, sitting waiting, looking patient but she is so not which is exactly what he's worried about and why he's texting her and apologizing. Then there are some things that look like weapons and a horse like thing with a sharp thing near it's butt. This obviously is his way of saying Please honey don't kick my ass or stick some sharp thing up it cuz I'll be home soon and I'll bring flowers. Promise. Much Love, Phineas.

In other news, no one makes scallops like I do.

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