Sunday, May 3, 2009

Authors Note: I don't always were sunglasses in the morning, although Corey Hart made a fortune from wearing them at night and I get up so early I think it's pretty much the same thing, only I didn't sing about it so I haven't made a penny doing this so if I were you I wouldn't bother trying it. Mostly I wear sunglasses for early morning photoshoots because I always forget to take off my mascara before bed and in the morning I look pretty much like Tammy Baker after the PTL got busted or sometimes I look like Alice Cooper depending on the pattern the smudges make on my face during the night. Either way I didn't want to scare you first thing on Sunday morning so don't ever say I never did anything for you people. Just don't you dare say it. I'm not kidding.

Some people face the day head on. Perhaps with fashion accessories and stimulants to make the transition a just little smoother.

Because some people have important things to attend to.

Alternately, some people do not make any such attempt to return to the waking world because despite the chiming of the bells from the church down the street, Sunday is officially a day of rest for these people.

These people are obviously lazy asses, and the more coffee I drink the more I realize just how much these people are missing by sleeping. Why the sun is shining today and if we didn't live downtown I'm sure I'd hear birds chirping and babbling brooks and all that stuff that is supposed to make you feel alive and also that your life has a purpose! The whole day in front of us! Life!! Just waiting for us to explore!!

I remember going to sleepovers when I was a young girl and being the first one awake in the morning. Seemed like an eternity until I had some company. Course by that time I was fully awake the others were groggy and I was all chatty and they were threatening to stab me with dull knives or anything they could get their hands on at the time which could be a comb or a lipstick or one of Barbie's slutty open-toe high heel sandals.

Today things are pretty much the same, only I don't eat a bunch of snack food before bed and worry about throwing up in someone else's toilet and I don't get to look forward to sweet breakfast things like cinnamon buns or pancakes with lots of syrup because the host parents wanted to make damned sure the parents who dumped their kids on them for a night from hell would so pay for this later.

And Dave's ear is still clogged so I probably won't end up running from a makeshift weapon.

Where have all the good times gone, my friends. Where?


  1. I usually spend my Sunday mornings sleeping until 10am and then laying on the couch until 12pm and then eating everything in sight for the rest of the day.

  2. You know, I should try that. OR. I could eat everything in sight first - like real early. Then I could lay on the couch and then go back to sleep.

    Ok, I know I'd be sort of copying you, but I'd do it in a different order so it doesn't really count as copying. It's more - mimicing.

    So, ok, maybe I am copying you but remember what they say about imitation...because I forgot.


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