Sunday, March 1, 2009

If it's Sunday it's Time to Get Liquored and Buy Old Stuff

Ok, we like to mix things up a bit so today we bought old stuff THEN we got liquored. You really have to be careful not to fall into boring routines like get liquored THEN old stuff buying. In life, people, there really are no rules. Get crazy.

In other words, we went to the local weekly flea market where (a) creepy people who smell bad try to sell you pretty much useless shit and (b) you find stuff you had as a child and are now labeled "antiques" which makes you feel kind of suicidal not in a "I'm going to leave the car running in the garage" kind of way but in the "if I died in my sleep it would probably be ok" kind of way and where (c) Dave bought an old camera (aka "old stuff.")

Nerdy Details: Pentax Spotmatic.

Then we promptly went to the pub because it is damned cold out and what else are you going to do when one skips the first step (liquor) and moves to the second (0ld stuff)? where we had Smithwicks and hot wings and pondered stuff that really no one, including us really cares about when we are sober.

Because that's what Sundays are for.

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