Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ok. There is Only So Much You Can Blame on Cabin Fever

Being stuck in the house has caused me to be online a lot more, and to go places online that I normally wouldn't bother with and read articles that are not usually of any interest to me, including this one LINK about a woman who was arrested for making several women sick from fake butt enhancement procedures, which this article claims, through what I believe is a typo, were butt enchancements. Or perhaps this word was used purposely to suggest that the victims were first put under some sort of evil spell (you know, like enchantments)  which caused them to do something this stupid - to answer a random ad believing that a woman in a hotel with armed with a caulking gun with syringes attached ready to pump industrial silicone oil into their butts, was actually a seasoned medical professional and so paid her handsomely to pump their butts full of  who knows what?

Now, please note that just because I write about this here, in this very prestigious work of literary genius, doesn't insure that this story is factual.   In fact, the jury is literally out on this one.  However, using my very own, very shrewd ability to call bullshit, I have to say that I am having a very hard time believing this one.   The "enchancements" typo was my first clue, quite frankly, quickly followed by the "sponsors" of this article such as those selling testosterone boosters, GNC probiotic that claims to melt fat like butter, new multivitamin that stops grey hair, and the secret to how to make any woman obsess over you.  Yeah, all seemingly legit offerings, especially if you are the type that would sign up for hotel room butt enchancements, but all sound pretty fishy to med, yet obviously lucrative.

So, in conclusion (yeah, I'm getting bored too) I want to caution you about letting your boredom get the better of you during this long Winter and resorting to something really really really stupid, ok?

Remember - doctors work in HOSPITALS, not HOTEL ROOMS.   AND, also?  Once upon a time, large butts were not considered pretty at all and that is why torture devices, such as the girdle, were invented.  Uncomfortable? Yes.  Poisonous? No.

And Thirdly, even celebrities with real doctors can do dumb things.

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  1. Meg Ryan looks terrible. Maybe I'll get my van repainted, and leave my body alone. Yipes


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