Monday, December 22, 2014

My Cell Phone Ate My Christmas Dinner

Once upon a time, when technology wasn't so infuriating, you know, back when a little human voice told you, rather excitedly, that you had mail, and when you heard little dialing and connecting sounds as you entered the internet, when there were only three online sites, and a few HTML chatrooms and of course, a little bit of porn, old school kind, like the kind with disco music in the background,   guys who had mustaches and girls they called "baby."

Back then, cell phones were huge, had an antenna and all you could do on them was call people, but it was cool because you could call them even when you were not at home!!!!!  RAD!!  Back then I was very very technology savvy.  I knew what words like RAM meant and even owned some floppy discs.  I was really psyched when I got a new cell phone with a camera in it.  I changed my ring tones almost every day and kept my phone in a little holder that clipped on my belt so that I would never miss an important call, or any call ever ever again! 

Now I am cell phone stupid.  It turns out that if you do not upgrade your cell phone every single time there is an upgrade, you will be hopelessly behind in your techknowledge (TM) and terrible things might happen to you.

Like, you might accidentally erase your entire Christmas Dinner Shopping List from your "notes" program on your iphone right when you arrive at the supermarket and have only managed to put one bunch of celery in your cart.  Yeah it can get that bad.  I'm not kidding.

Yep.  I did that. And all I did was touch the screen.  Now I realize that it might have happened because I have the fat fingers of doom, (I told you this, right?) No?  Well, it's got something to do with the fact that I loved cracking my knuckles as a kid, even though all the kids warned me that this might happen - you know, that I might end up with gigantic gorilla hands,  I didn't listen.  Anyway, it's probably just heredity.  You see, my grandmother had GIGANTIC hands.  She could take down three of my cousins with one swoop.  I'm not kidding.

So, yeah, I totally could have erased my grocery list with my finger.  I mean my fingers are seriously dangerous!  They could even probably accidentally push the BIG button that would end the world, so it's lucky that I live in Canada because I don't think that button is here.  Destroying the world just really doesn't seem like a very Canadian thing to do.    So don't lose any sleep over this very highly unlikely possibility.  I promise I will keep my hands in my pockets if I see any button that says "don't touch" or "Danger" or "PRESS HERE TO DESTROY EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE."

Anyway, I know that it's pretty easy for me to screw something up with these gigantic King Kong fingers, but I don't think it was my fault this time.

So I went online because I am computer savvy like that and found some advice:

You can try the two ways to recover deleted notes from iPhone 4s
1. Directly scan and recover notes from iPhone
a) Connect your iPhone to the computer
b) Enter DFU mode and scan iPhone
c) Preview and recover iPhone notes
 2. Scan and extract iTunes backup to recover iPhone SMS
a) Scan your iTunes backup for iPhone 5/4S
b) Preview and recover iPhone notes
c) Do backup well
 If the above two can not help you, you may have to refer to pro application to help you. I have ever used data recovery tool from [ ] files sync over iCloud, and typically publish immediately. There could have been an exception; such as if your device force quit the app, etc. You may want to try signing out and back in of your Apple ID associated w/iCloud, and/or toggle the Notes setting in the iCloud Settings pane.
I'll take you through all the possibilities of how to recover deleted notes from iPhone 4s.
=> Check for iCloud backup if you have any so that you can restore the notes saved on iCloud.
=> Check for iTunes backup. Download and install the free software "iPhone Backup Extractor" and launch the app. It will automatically search for any backups on your computer.
=> Check for your lost contacts in Windows/Users/Notes folder. There are times when iTunes saves the notes in this folder.
Hope one of these methods will help you.

Yeah. What?

Just as I was about to give up I found this jewel hidden amongst the crowd of People Who Obviously Speak Another Language That I Find Really Boring.

Go home and check your Haunted Blackboard LINK If your list is on that, copy it onto a piece of paper and put the paper in your purse before heading back to the store where your celery is likely still in the cart which is in the exact spot where you left it. (In Produce)   Hope This helps you!!

Holy shit.  Bingo.

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