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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recycle Camps and The Drunk Magus

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It's Tuesday and I can't stay long because it's Mandatory Recycling Day.  To recap quickly for those in the cheap seats: The word "mandatory" implies that this operation is run by the Garbage Nazis, who have the authority to put you in a camp should you put the wrong item in the wrong colored bag. or  WORSE - if you throw something non-compostable in the compost bin.   There's a house down the street that has looked deserted for months and the only thing that even hints that someone is living or once lived there is a black garbage bag on the front lawn with a large REJECT sticker on it.  Somewhere this family is being held captive and tattooed with a secret alien code, (the ink made with only recyclable vegetable-based composted materials.)

I just know this is true, but I don't dare inquire.

In other news, The Royal Grandchild, seven year old Prince Alexander VIII was recently awarded a role in the annual Church Christmas pageant.  He played one of the three Kings, the one that brings the gift of Myrrh.

You know, just now I tried to remember what all the gifts of the Magi are, and all I could think of was the line from the song "Scarborough Fair."  You know, "parsley sage rosemary and thyme."  Of course, that's not what the Magi brought mostly because there are 4 spices and 3 kings, so we'd have to lose the thyme -  course if it was up to me, I'd lose the rosemary.  I'm just not a fan.

Anyway, Alexander was quite thrilled to pass the audition and even more excited on the night of the pageant.  The teacher handed him his prop - the "myrrh" which was stored in a wine bottle (in a recycled wine bottle, don't worry, Garbage Nazi Surveillance Team. ) Upon being given the wine bottle his face lit up and his mother, Ange of the House of Monkey, knew that his mind was very busy with thoughts she did not want him to have, but there was absolutely nothing she could do but watch and be prepared, once again, to die The Thousand Deaths of Embarrassment.

He played his part very well, walking slowly with his "myrrh" over to the manger and standing next to the Virgin Mary played by a girl that Alexander wanted very much to impress with his acting.  When the show was over, all the parents came up to the stage to take photographs and as soon as the cameras were ready, Alex smiled, held up the wine bottle, "drank" from it, then put on his best drunk face and gave everyone the peace sign.  Then he offered the baby Jesus a sip and then gave the audience yet another peace sign.

I predict great things to come for this child, rather I expect it.   It is in the bloodline, afterall.

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